Importing CFD results to outdoor thermal comfort (PET)

Hi everyone,
I want to import the results of CFD analysis (Ansys Fluent) to LB/HB to calculate the PET for outdoor thermal comfort in a complex urban environment.
Could everyone tell me that how should I import the data?
My main concern is about the exact location of selected points that I have CFD results for them and want to generate the PET results exactly for these points. How should I define the location of this points?

Hi ra
I think you can convert the cross-section values of CFD results into.CSV files that you can import into Rhino as a point cloud and pick up and render the grid in Grasshopper

Thank you, now I know how to couple the wind speed values for each point since the comfort recipe has the input for speed value, however, I don’t know how to import values for wind direction for each point? How can I import the wind directions to thermal comfort analysis?