Importing Gbxml: shading problem

Hello everyone!
First of all, the new component that allows us to import gbxml file into HB is wonderful! I am still learning its potential and probably I do not get something very well.
I modelled with Revit a simple zone (office), composed of two windows on the South facade and an overhang.
My problem is this overhang! Using the HB component called “Decomposed HBzone by type”, the only element that is not recognized is the shading one (see figure 1)!
But if I connect the gxml component shading output (see figure 2) to a viewer, the overhang is highlighted.
I miss something? It seems that my overhang is not considered an element of the HBzone… in fact, the daylighting simulation showed its absence.
I attached the gh file, maybe could be useful to understand my issue.
Anyone can help me??

Thanks a lot and kiss from Italy!

(upload://3xhqAdZx5AP7AefEskSVZJ41ra8.jpeg) [|attachment]