Importing HVAC IDF objects created from EnergyPlus IDFs

Hi @ladybugtools team and @MingboPeng


I am writing this post regarding the overarching topic of importing an HVAC System (IDF objects) created from EnergyPlus or OSM.

Unfortunately, there is no IB_Template for the same. I then read about IB_FromJson and tried to import the epJSON (converting an IDF with minimal objects and HVAC Objects), but while connecting the epJSON, I got the following error: “1. Solution exception: Unexpected character encountered while parsing value: C. Path ‘’, line 0, position 0.”

Could you please help me on how we can use the IB_FromJson object correctly?

Hi @kksharma3951,

No, you cannot import the epJSON with IB_FromJson component.
What system are you trying to model? Have you tried to model it in OSM?

Hi @MingboPeng thank you very much for your response and sorry for the delay in the response.

I am trying to model basically Air source heat-pumps in GH using IronBug. I havenot modelled the system in OpenStudio, but i have done it before in designBuilder. Basically it uses an auxillary water loop for heating. You can find more information here: DesignBuilder Help

I also went through the forum and found this relevant post: IronBug Air Source Heat Pump - #22 by Mariafa.

but i cannot find it in my IB installation (its latest)

Please let me know if you want more details from my side on this.

Thank you for your response.

Thanks and regards

kartikay sharma

Hi @kksharma3951, Is it the latest version? have you tried to update the Ironbug?

HI @MingboPeng Thanks for your message. I updated the IB.exe and it showed up the ASHP system. I though that updating the pollination Rhino updated Ironbug also.


this is resolved. I will close this thread