Importing IDF and OSM files into Honeybee takes forever and more


I am trying to import a model I made a couple of years ago in Sketchup/Legacy Open Studio plugin into Honeybee, to take advantage of some of HB’s simulation components, but it seems that HB can’t import them, or does it usually takes more than a couple of hours? I can see that Rhino process is still active and using a huge chunk of memory in Task List, but to no avail. Could it be a version incompatibility problem? Or is it HB’s way of telling me to remodel the building from scratch in Rhino?!

I have attached both IDF and OSM file to this post, and I appreciate any suggestions.

Vienna, Austria
Final.idf (1.6 MB)
Draft 7.osm (1.8 MB)

@ehsan.bazafkan ,
A couple of notes:

  1. Make sure that you have updated your “years ago” IDF to at least E+ 8.0 (if not all of the way to 8.9). Honeybee really did not exist before E+ 8 and so there are likely to be problems if it’s older. E+ has an update utility to help you there.
  2. Try importing just a few zones and see if that works. If your OpenStudio model has a lot of zones, it’s going to eat up a lot of memory. Also make sure that your Rhino model is in Meters and this will save some memory that gets eaten up by scaling the HBZones.
  3. Bear in mind that the import IDF component is a WIP component and it’s there for a good reason. It’s extremely difficult to write an IDF importer that works with the universe of possible IDF structures and thousands of IDF objects.

If you can open the file in OpenStudio a good approach might be exporting the file as gbXML and importing it using Honeybee gbXML importer.

Thank you @mostapha and @chris,

The gbXML suggestion worked, but with a curious twist. All shading surfaces that I had in the model, and they were on the top level in front of attic apartments, are now rotated and moved to world plane, at the bottom of building. Not a big issue per se though … Thank you anyway.


This is an OpenStudio bug and I have reported this bug before:

I suggest to post a screenshot under the same issue.