IncidentRadiation error : Solution exception:segment_height must be greater than 0. Got 0.0

Hello again,
I’ve been working with the same geometry (Brep, Cube, 1x1x1) for different simulations till now, but after updating to LBT 1.0.0, the IncidentRadiation component runs into the named error. It happens only when I connect a BrepFace which lays on the XZ-Plane, while connecting the other four Faces of this Brep (same size, I assume) works perfectly. I also tried scaling the ‘problematic’ Faces a little bit, but still no success.
The other funny thing is when I connect the whole Brep (as Cube) into the geometry, it works perfectly without any errors.
I’ve been extracting the surfaces with this tool from @joseph_oster

Thanks for catching this issue, @glaukelshani . This is happening because the functions that create a default correctly-scaled legend are going haywire in the case that the geometry has no y-dimension. I am going to add a fix into the code base now. In a day or two, you’ll be able to get the fix on your end by running the “LB Versioner” component but you would be departing from the stable release by doing so (moving to the development version). Alternatively, as a temporary workaround, you can stop the component from failing by plugging in legend parameters where you specify a positive number for the legend’s segment height:

Well thank you @chris for your wonderful work. I’m gonna assume your answer is the solution to this problem and will use it as is, and as for the “LB Versioner” I’d be happy to have the chance to try it, but as you said it yourself - I’d better stay on the safe side of LB :smiley:
I owe you many thanks