Including BRDF (or BSDF) data in micro climate simulation?

Hello everyone,

I am searching for a way to integrate the beautiful HB BSDF Modifier component from the HB Radiance section into a workflow that is able to simulate micro climate/UTCI.

For now I set up a definition that is able to simulate the irradiance in a courtyard whose surrounding building walls’ reflection characteristic is defined by BRDF data from an external .xml-file. The irradiance is computed using the HB Point in time grid-based component and everything works fine.

Is there any way you could think of to use this simulated irradiance (which is based on the BRDF definition of the material) to be included in a micro climate study/UTCI comfort map simulation? In other words, a way to couple the Radiance-based irradiance simulation with the EnergyPlus UTCI Comfort Map?