Incorrect display of recolor mesh in daylighting

Hello friends
This is displayed incorrectly when the mesh display simulator is output. How do I organize it? Thankful

Hi,@Aliarch The grid size is too big for your geometry. You should use smaller grid size for your geometry.

Yes, that’s right. But why does the output number change!
For example, the grid size on 1 is the output of 70 lux, but when I put the grid on 0.5 , the output is 260 lux !!!
I was completely confused

By increasing the total number of meshes, there are more illuminance values in the Illuminance_values list. As a consequence, the total sum will be higher.
A better way to compare these two sets of results would be to compare them by their average values.


@Nimafo is right. @Aliarch By the way, you should set grid size to 0.1-0.3m.The result will be more presice