Indoor Air Temperature Issue: Black colour gradient in legend parameter

Hi @chris,

I think you could be the one who can give me an solution/explanation about this issue.
I am making a honeybee model by applying microclimate example which you have shown in this forum. Previously, I have applied this in different model I made in previous version of honeybee (Nov 2018) and it works.

But, now the indoor microclimate map I made in the newest version doesn’t visualize the result like before. As you can see on the figure below, the map only shows black colour and I had tried to set the colour gradient in legend parameter but still doesnt work. looks like something missing here and i dont know what it is. Here I also attached my file so you could check my model if you 'mind.

2.HoneyBee Framework (1.3 MB)

This has been asked before. Search the forum and you will find the answer. It was a preview bug in Rhino 6. You need to update your Rhino 6 installation or change a preview settings.

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