Indoor airflow simulation result

Hello I am new to the butterfly simulation and I was trying the simulation for indoor airflow.
I successfully tested the example file so I modify the file to my case, but the result comes out strange though.
Any suggestions? (432.8 KB)

By the way, the mesh that created is really strange but I think the boundary setting is ok though…?

The rhino geometry is missed in your grasshooper definition . Please upload it for further discussion.

Hi, sorry for the late reply, here is the file:

There are serval bug for your grasshooper definition.

  1. refine will should be more higher to retain the shape of geomertry.
  2. The X/Y/Z mesh count should be more.

    3.the surface level should equal to max refine level.

    Here is the screenshot of velocity in Rhino.

    And I suggest you to use paraview for visualization.

Thank you so much for the reply, sorry but I have a few questions though…

  1. may I ask what does the refine level mean? Why should I set to (4,4) instead of the example file (2,2)?
  2. Number 3: the surface level should equal to max refine level. I’m not sure which of the screen shot setting made the surface level equal to the max refine level?


The value of refine level depends on the details of the geometry.East and west windows are thin and long. You should set a grid for east and west windows,so you should set high level for them.

The refine levle I set is (4,6).So the surface level is 6.