Indoor analysis with outdoor temperature

Hello everybody,

the linked image provides the workflow that I used to simulate the thermal conditions outside and inside the buildings.

I analyzed the external environment and the internal one separately, referring to the data I collected through the Raspberry (one collected the data outside and the other those inside). I entered a setpoint equal to the temperature range collected by the Raspberry, for example 28-33 ° C, a natural internal ventilation between 22-28 ° C and an ideal air for thermal conditioning, just to verify that the data obtained from the devices matched the analysis simulations.

Later I did the same, but assuming a retrofit project is applied, setting an ideal setpoint for Naples (Italy) of 20-26 ° C, natural ventilation between 22-28 ° C and no ideal air.

Now, however, I would like to analyze the internal environment both in the actual state and in the project state, taking as reference the external temperatures of the retrofit project, to see how the building reacts inside.
I have some doubts … Should I directly create an EPW from the external retrofit data and insert it in the algorithm for internal simulations? Maybe I should keep the same EPW and lean just change the setpoint or natural ventilation according to the new temperature range? Maybe more? I don’t know, hope you can help me with this, thank’s.