Indoor Comfort with Butterfly (CFD)


I am trying to perform some indoor annual comfort analysis + energy simulations that account for local air temperature and speed.
I found an useful example file in this link: [Indoor Comfort] (, but I can not download it.
Could anyone please help me to get access to it?

Furthermore, I was told that this paid course: OpenFoam CFD Training using Butterfly in Rhino3D, available here:course-link could be helpful considering my goals.

Has anyone here taken the course that could please confirm if the investment is valid?

This example ( is using UTCI for outdoor comfort. UTCI is not suitable for indoor comfort. If you intend to do indoor annual comfort analysis, you can using Honeybee only for your question.
Butterfly is for the detail of the indoor enviroment not for the annual period.

Hi @minggangyin, thank you for the prompt reply…
As you mention, unfortunately the example file you sent is suitable for outdoor analyses and, therefore, does not really fulfill my goals. =/
Thanks anyway.

The file I was trying to download addresses exactly what I want to consider.

However, it seams that is not available:

Regarding the use of Butterfly in conjunction with the annual energy/thermal analyses, what I had in mind was actually a coupled simulation, where the results from the energy model (with natural ventilation) should be used as inputs to the Butterfly model and, its outcomes should feed back the thermal model in a continuous process until the simulations converge.

Trying to give a better hint, what I thought was to consider the hourly surface temperatures coming from the energy model at the Butterfly simulations. I would need to perform one CFD simulation for each wanted hour from the energy model and then take the more detailed outcomes related to the wind and use them again at my energy model, in a cyclical process.
Nevertheless, this all seams really time consuming and maybe there is an easier way to achieve the same objective.

Could you please help me on this issue @mostapha, and maybe share your opinion about what I am willing to do? I would really appreciate it.
Besides that, I would also like to hear what you think about this course.
I want to go for it, but only if it really meets my necessities.

Hope I can find the way/help I am looking for.
Thank you all.


About coupled energyplus with butterfly, I think it is not necesary to do it. As we knew, energyplus has thermal balance algorithm and finished the running processs in serveal minutes.Butterfly used OpenFOAM as the CFD core, it finished a case in serveal hours. The time step of two software is so different. So it is difficulty to couple.

Run energyplus firstly and share the data for butterfly. I agreed with this workflow and practiced for serveal times.

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Hi Nayara,

I know you have posted this a long time ago, but I was wondering if you were able to solve the issue? I am trying to do something similar. I was happy with the description on Ladybug Tools about the ability of Butterfly on calculating indoor comfort by interacting with Ladybug and Honeybee considering local air temperature and indoor speed. However, as it happened to you, I could not find any information on how to do it, no tutorials or examples. What did you do at the end, any recommendations?


Hello, Felipe!
Sorry for the late reply. I was on maternity leave, among other things.
If you are still interested, we can restart the conversation.
You can find more details of the method I used in this article here:
Anyway, I am available if you would like to discuss the matter further.

Best regards

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