Indoor View Factor component error

Hi everyone, here’s the deal, I’m trying to setup a EP simulation for my dissertation, I’m trying to setup a workflow to get the best reliable data from it, so, I’m trring to setup standart materials for each building that I modelled, but the workflow which goes from setting up surface by surface always gets this error on this especific component.
On my dissertation I modelled a street on my city on 3 different times in history (1940, 1980, 2020), on the simulation process I need metrics to relate the built density to the thermal discomfort, which simulations do you guys think it would be interesting to try to achieve this goal?
Thanks everyone, and happy Halloween! :skull_and_crossbones: :skull_and_crossbones:
I got to extract each metric (air temperature, humidity, etc) in order to establish the UTCI values.

TEST (600.9 KB)

@Dconforte ,

This is the same issue you had here, no?

Haver you cleaned up all of your geometry yet?

Hi Chris! I’m using the exact same file I used for the one before, cleaned up the whole geometry, but the error for this one is different. Everytime I follow the same workflow, using HB_Masses2Zones. I tried setting up the workflow by using HB_createHBsrfs but on both attempts I’m getting this exact same error on HB_Indoor View Factor Calculator, is this still has something to do with the geometry? Or maybe I’m not setting the workflow in an apropriate way?
Sorry for the rusty english btw

Sorry for making a bunch of questions, but, as an advice, which simulation you find most interesting and reliable for Thermal Comfort assessment? I’m asking just because I’m grinding to learn Honeybee and Ladybug, but also I’m divided between using ENVI-met or the Ladybug suite to achieve my goal for the dissertation, but at the same time, I know that each software works in different ways

@Dconforte ,
If this is your first time building a microclimate map, then this is way too big of a model. Just start small and model a piece of your street following the forum guidelines here:
Ladybug Tools Forum Guidelines

And you will have to be more specific in what you mean by “Thermal Comfort assessment”. Do you mean OUTDOOR thermal comfort? And do you need a spatial map of comfort or is just a point analysis suitable for what you need?

@chris I mean outdoor thermal comfort in case, I’ll try to build a parallel between built density throughout the years, as the street became more dense (it also is a urban canyon) and how it impacts the thermal comfort for the street users, so a microclimate map for this scale that I’m trying to analyse is just too big?
Sorry for the bunch of questions

@Dconforte ,
It’s not that you can’t build a model that big. It’s just that trying to do it all at once on your first try is going to be really hard to debug.

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@chris, oh, I understand,you mean by debug, to remove some faulty geometries or to find any sort of error in the workflow, right? My research is experimental, so I’ll keep on learning the software, but anyways, thanks for the help Chris!