Infiltration in Honeybee is not constant?


I wonder why the infiltration in my model is variable. According to EnergyPlus’ it should be constant at all times as the constants A,B,C and D by default are 1,0,0,0. Infiltration/Ventilation: Engineering Reference — EnergyPlus 8.0

Can anyone tell why the infiltration is variating?
Is there a parameter I have missed or are other constants than 1,0,0,0 used?


Hello! I may be missing the mark on what you are asking a bit but here is some information that may or may not be helpful:
if we deconstruct one of the standards library infiltration schedules we get the fractional schedule for 5 different day_names seen below, so while A,B,C and D may be by default 1,0,0,0, variable Fschedule is as seen below is not constant 4 out of 5 day schedules and while A-D are constant; the fractional schedge is likely the cause of the variation:

If we make an infiltration load object and do not assign it a schedule; it will default to always on:

So if you area using standards library programs: the fractional schedules for infiltration are likely the cause of the flux you are seeing, if you are not using standards library schedules and explicitly assigning an ‘always on’ value for infiltration and still getting the un-wanted fluctuation:
if you could share a simple example script that replicates the issue: can take a look and see what is going on

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You were not missing the mark! It makes sense as the model is assigned standards libraries.

Thanks a lot!

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