Infiltration Measure Fails

Trying to adjust the coefficients for the infiltration. Since there is no native way to do this in Honeybee, I am trying to apply the “ReduceSpaceInfiltrationByPercentage” measure from BCL since it has the wind speed coefficients I need.

However, when I try to reference the measure, it does not load all the arguments and shows an error (1. Solution exception:unsupported format character ‘)’ (0x29) at index 38):

Any ideas why this is? Have successfully applied some other measures.

@Elliot_Glassman ,

It looks like the reason why the measure fails to load is that, somewhere in the measure, the programmer put a parentheses into the name of the input variable (very bad coding practice if you ask me) and Grasshopper seems to be complaining that it cannot support parentheses in component inputs. I would say you have two options to get where you need to:

  1. Edit the measure .rb file in a text editor and remove the parentheses.


  1. Add a few lines of code to the OpenStudio Component right after these lines in the component in order to set the coefficients:
infiltration.setVelocityTermCoefficient (your_velocity_coefficient)

And you will replace the your_velocity_coefficient part of the code with the actual coefficient that you want to set.

So I was wrong about the special character that was causing difficulty. Apparently, it was a ‘%’ and not a ‘(’. I just pushed a fix to the components for this case:

And the whole reason why we were able to correctly identify the faulty character is because Larry7707 correctly identified the faulty character in this github issue . Larry, if you are on this forum and read this message, thank you. And thank you also, @Elliot_Glassman for being the first to find the issue.

Thanks, Chris and Larry!

The measure now loads, but when I start to assign parameters on the inputs, I get a warning:

1. Entire Building is not a valid input for _Apply the Measure to a Specific Space Type or to the Entire Model…Valid inputs are: [Entire Building]

Besides the logical error this seems to be, do you know if this is on the Measure component or an error with the measure code itself?

It is a check inside the auto-generated component. Should be something on our side. The fact that the input has a white space in it can be the source of the issue.