Inquiry: Simulation and Optimization of an Automated Shading/Daylighting System using Honeybee and Alternative Tools

Dear all,

I am currently working on a project involving an automated shading/daylighting system comprising an automated double layer roller (zebra blind), outdoor and indoor sensors, and dimmer lights. To provide a clearer understanding of the system I intend to test, please refer to this visual representation (source:


I have a few specific questions regarding the integration of this system with the Honeybee plugin. Your expertise and insights would be greatly appreciated:

  1. Feasibility of Testing with Honeybee: Can Honeybee be utilized to simulate and evaluate the performance of this automated shading/daylighting system? I am particularly interested in understanding how Honeybee can assist in assessing the system’s impact on factors such as daylight availability, energy consumption, and visual comfort within a given space.
  2. Setting a Desired Light Level: Is it possible to use Honeybee to define a specific target light level, such as 500 lux, and calculate the energy consumption when the natural light falls below this threshold, thereby activating the artificial lighting as a supplementary source? I am eager to comprehend how to measure the energy usage in such scenarios and evaluate the system’s effectiveness in maintaining the desired light level.

Furthermore, I would greatly appreciate your insights on any available scripts or workflows that can facilitate these analyses using Honeybee.

In the event that Honeybee is not capable of meeting these requirements, I kindly request your recommendations for alternative simulation tools or software/plugins that would be suitable for analyzing and optimizing this automated shading/daylighting system. I am open to exploring different options to ensure comprehensive analysis and design optimization.

Thank you sincerely for your time, expertise, and any resources or case studies you may provide. I eagerly await your response.

@mostapha @devang I see you both active on these kind of topic, I will appreciate your support