Installation failed,

installation failed,Hello Sir, this problem has been troubled for a long time,please help me!

@chris,thank you,Sir

Is this the only time you encounter an error while using Ladybug and Honeybee? Based on the error report, it seems that you do not have a DDY file saved in the same location as your EPW file.
If this is the only error you are receiving, check if you have both .epw and .ddy files saved on your computer.

  • Thank you for your answer. The first question has been solved.."Expected string got Nonetype ,is a serious trouble for me. :sob:

This is my fault for allowing such a cryptic error message for this case. The real issue is the translation of your Honeybee model to OpenStudio failed. If you can upload a file that recreates the issue, I’ll investigate what specifically failed in this case. In the meantime, I’ll implement a better error message.

Hello Chiris,Thank you for your reply,now I have installed a new version LBTools,this issue have been solved.Have a nice day at work

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