Installation issue Failed to download the files needed to run EnergyPlus with OpenStudio 2.x


I have recently installed LB and HB on a new computer and encountered some problem.

I have looked up on the forum and did it accordingly by manually placing the resources file from github to the files from resources to c:\ladybug\ directory.

The issue with loading the EP construction has solved but the first two issues are still here.

I assume it is related with my IP and the company policy that blocks most of the servers. So I am wondering if there are any easy way to completely install everything offline.

Also, would it be fixed if I just copy and paste the files and folders replacing the directory C:\ladybug from the another computer?

This is whats all i have in my ladybug folder.

Please let me know how I would possibility fix this issue.

Thank you.

@Amartuvshin You should read this issue Honeybee Installation problem

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Followed that post and copy pasted the PostProcess folder to the openstudio / energy plus folder and now it works. Thanks a lot.

hello, I have the same problem. Would you please tell me where is the PostProcess folder?