Installation problem Ladybug 1.0

I have a student who is trying to install Ladybug but she encounters problems with the installation. The first step of the installation seems to work, then the second step doesn’t. I tried several things -like changing language settings to English- but I cannot solve the problem. There is a python folder on here user folder but still, she is not able to install LB with the following error message. Someone has an idea?

Hi @jhakanters,

That is an odd error to get after the first component seems to have run successfully. Can you verify that the path to the following file exists within the python folder:

C:\Users\ASUS VivoBook\ladybug_tools\python\python.exe

If that file is not there, then delete the python folder and re-run the first component. And please let me know if that fixes it.

If that file is there or re-running the first component doesn’t fix it, then I think the most likely explanation is that the white space in the username is causing some issues.

I’ll try to give some suggestions to troubleshoot it if you are not able to change the username.

Hi @chris ,

thanks for your guidance! Removing the python folder and re-running the first component actually worked and LB/HB is now installed.

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Glad to hear it, @jhakanters . It’s possible that the download or the unzipping process got interrupted the first time that you ran the first component.