Installation Questions about the Ladybug Tools Plugin with Radiance

thanks for the clarifications @chris!

I just wanted to ask as I’m pretty much “Joe Average Ladybug Tool user” (i.e., not advanced but not necessarily beginner) and I know that everyone got very familiar over the last few years with the install instructions here ( that I’m sure there will be questions that users come up with specific to the new installation steps…a few additional come to mind that I’m sure will pop up:

  • Is DaySim 4.0 still required for LBT 1.0.0 as it is required for Legacy? if so, previously DaySim had to be installed to the C: drive…can this be installed in C:/Users/[USERNAME]/ladybug_tools as the other support applications?
  • will there be a script to remove old versions of LBT prior to installing new versions, similar to the legacy update set of steps.
  • Is FalseColor.exe still required (which I believe it is NOT based on a Radiance 5.3 post I saw in the forum but others might not have seen).

thanks again! Excited about the future of LBT!

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Hi @josh.greenfield,

We don’t use DAYSIM anymore. All the updated Radiance recipe use Radiance utilities. We haven’t included all the daylight recipes in the plugin yet. They will be available in the next major release. In any case, there is no need to install DAYSIM. :slight_smile:

@chris, can correct me if I’m mistaken but if you have the plugin already installed the versioner component does the clean up and installing the new version for you. Similarly the installer component for each release will remove the older version prior to installing the new version.

I assume you are referring to wxfalsecolor here. There is no need for that. In the most recent Radiance releases the Windows version comes with an executable version of falsecolor perl script. This one is thanks to our own @MingboPeng magic!


thanks @mostapha!

I’m just referring to Step #10 in the Legacy installation…

To answer the question about removing an old LBT plugin, we will see when we get to the next stable release if we need something that wipes out the old installation but, right now, it’s not really necessary.

If you want to depart from the stable release and sync your installation with the latest new development on Gtihub, you can use the “LB Verioner” component as @mostapha said. This can also be used to revert you installation back to a stable release by plugging in 1.0.0 into the version_ input like so:

So the Versioner should be able to handle all version management for the immediate future. At some point, though, the Versioner will itself be updated so we may decide it’s best to clean everyone’s slate at the next stable release and post a script that uninstalls everything. But we’ll cross that bridge later if we need to.

FYI, if you want to do a manual uninstallation, there are only 2 steps:

  1. Delete all of the ladybug tools user objects in your Grasshopper User Objects folder
  2. Delete the following folder: C:\Users\[USERNAME]\ladybug_tools
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but not the entire folder though as that could delete installations of Radiance and OpenStudio if installed there, correct?

It’s up to you @josh.greenfield . If you want to keep OpenStudio or Radiance installed, you can delete everything except the folders for those engines. If you want to completely wipe the slate clean and remove everything associated with Ladybug Tools including the engines, you can just delete the whole folder.

Maybe to phrase it another way, deleting an OpenStudio or a Radiance folder is how you manually uninstall one of those engines since everything that’s needed to run those engines is within those folders.

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