Installing issues with OpenStudio

Hi there

I know there are already multiple threads regarding this. But none of them are solving my issue.
The Component Honeybee - Export to Openstudio does not find my installation. Also if i’m using the honeybee-config component it can not find my config file. (Other Honeybee component work just fine)

I already uninstalled all the Ladybug tools, but it didn’t resolve my issue.
I’m not quite sure what i’m doing wrong.
Is there a way to manually assign my installation location, which is the default location. I’m using the most recent version 3.5.0 and the latest version of ladybug tools.

Maybe someone can give me a hand here :slight_smile:

Hi @Beyon ,

There are ways of overriding the location of the OpenStudio path from command line but I would first try to see if we can do a less hacky fix for you. Have you tried using the free single-click Pollination Grasshopper installer that you can get here after making a pollination account?

That single-click installer has a lot of intelligence built into it and it always includes compatible copies of Ladybug Tools and OpenStudio in a location that the core libraries can find. So, if you haven’t done that yet, I recommend trying that first.

Hi, Thank you for your answer!
I’ fairly new to Ladybugs tools and tried installing openstudio in the way recommended for legacy versions :slight_smile: Which did’nt worked out with the current version.
Reason was, that i’m enrolled in a course for ladybugs tools, which was made with older versions and me having some issues following along with 1.5. Now I managed to figure out how the new components fit together to achieve what in the lecture is made with the previous one.
I think now, because all information currently available was made for legacy versions, which makes it harder to get into, since new components a fairly different.
I’m now sticking to the 1.5 since i seems technically simpler. Although at my stage, i’m sometimes not quite sure, if my calculations are correct (Since i only understand superficially what components do and exactly how they calculate in the back).

I think that this statement is probably out of date now.

What information are you looking for here for the LBT 1.5 plugin? If it’s free tutorial videos, there are plenty of them on the Ladybug Tools Youtube channel:

The Pollination Youtube channel may also be helpful:

I can probably point you to any other educational resources for LBT 1.5 if you’re looking for them. The website also has a lot of resources organized by insect: