Integrated Daylighting & Energy Simulation


Hi all,

I am trying to run an integrated daylighting and energy simulation for a single room with windows (based on the example here,0), and have the following questions/doubts -

  1. The cooling load decreases in the case of integrated energy results with daylighting. Should it not increase instead given radiation/heat energy due to daylighting? (Just like how the heating load increases with integrated daylight)

  2. In the daylight analysis section, the “zone lighting schedule” is fed into the “occupancyFiles input” of the “read annual results” component. What does OccupancyFile mean here? Is it the same as occupancy schedule? Just wondering if im missing a deeper point as to why is it not named lighting schedule instead?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Please also find attached the file.

Integrated Lighting Loads (DayLighting).gh (617.7 KB)

Thanks a ton! :slight_smile: