Integrated Energy + Daylight Simulation failed after updating to LBT 1.5.0

Hi there,

I’ve updated my LBT from 1.3.0 to 1.5.0 using the ‘LB Versioner’ component and I’ve also reinstalled openstudio 3.4.0 and Radiance 5.4a. I have also synced my files using the “LB Sync Grasshopper Files”. Then, I tried running ‘daylight into energy’ gh file that comes with the LBT 1.5.0 installation files.

The simulation results in “1. Solution exception:Could not find file ‘C:\Users\asnas\simulation\sample_model_grid\annual_daylight\results\TestRoom_1.ill’.” error. It seems like the ill. file is missing from the result folder.

The same thing happened when I tried running daylight + energy simulation with my own house model. This error came up “1. Solution exception:Failed to compute control schedule.”

The annual daylight and energy simulation works fine and produces reasonable results, it is just the “HB Daylight Control Schedule” that gives me error.

This problem never occurred when I ran the same simulation before the update which is LBT 1.3.0. Could anyone help me troubleshoot the problem? Attached with this thread is the image where the problem occurred and the location of my installation files. Thank you in advance with your help.

Hi @nurnasuha,

Did you set the input version_ to 1.5.0? If so, try run it again but without any version and update the components on the canvas.

The components on your canvas are not the latest versions. What version do you have when you drag the components (shown in the image below) from the toolbar to the canvas? It should be 1.5.1.


If none of the above solves the issue, can you please share the results folder of the annual-daylight recipe?

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Hi @mikkel,

Yes, I did set the input version to 1.5.0. I’ve tried running it again without any version and everything is working now. Thank you very much for your help!

Great! Just to clarify… When you do not set the version, it will take the latest development version, which means that you will get all the updates that have been introduced since the release of 1.5.0. At the time of writing the latest release is 1.5.36.

Hi there again,

Thank you for the explanation!

Yesterday, I tried running the daylight to energy sample from ladybug installation files and the ‘HB Daylight Control Schedule Component’ ran successfully. Then, I tried running it with my own model, but the energy simulation failed and this error came up “1. Solution exception:Failed to compute control schedule.”

I tried building my model from scratch to see where the problems came from. The component throws an error when I plugged in a room that doesn’t have any windows to the HB Model. So there is no daylight coming into the room hence no DA or UDI reading for the room. So because of this, I think the daylight-to-energy component is unable to create a schedule for the whole building and hence throws an error. I’m doing a daylight parametric study of a terrace house, so there is, in fact, a room that doesn’t have any windows and is mainly used for circulation (room with red arrow below).

But this problem didn’t occur with LBT 1.3.0! The component still gives me results even though there is a room with no window. So I could still see the impact of daylight on energy consumption for other rooms in the building. Below are fractions of the lighting load results I did previously with LBT 1.3.0. The results of the windowless room (named ‘family’) are constant but we could still see varying results for the rest of the room.


How can I get around this?? Is there something I missed in the new version? Thank you again for your help!

Hi @nurnasuha,

You are correct. I have pushed a fix. You should be able to get it with LB Versioner within 30 minutes. Let me know if this does not solve the issue.

Great! Thank you very much. Will update the outcome after trying the new update.

The component works now. Thanks for the fast update!