Integrated FCU with VRF

is there any possibility of modeling an HVAC system that uses the VRF as a resource for cooling and FCU as its indoor units in Ironbug or Openstudio?

@MingboPeng it would be great if you have any idea.

I asking to model this system.

in EnergyPlus the VRF is a system described really well and it is also very flexible. You can deceide to tie it to an AHU that plugs directly into the FCU or keep the systems in parallel. (see diagrams in image) However, you have to build the architecture in EnergyPlus and explaining it in a forum is a bit complex…
I think MingboPeng’s plugin, Ironbug can also do it but I don’t think from template.

I appreciate your thorough explanations; the diagram is useful. I shall investigate further to see how I can manage it with Irongbug.

Hi @ehsan.anvary

Here are two templates that might be helpful to get you started. For only using the cooling from the VRF system, you can try to hardsize the VRF’s heating capacity to 0 so that it doesn’t run for any heating load.

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