Interior and exterior surface temperatures

Dear all,

I am simulating a small shoe box that represents a cell office in central Spain. I was surprised after seeing the exterior surface temperature results since the exterior surface of a glazing assembly is at a lower temperature during summer than the other surfaces which are adiabatic and are in contact with the building’s interior zones.
I would be grateful if somebody could point out my mistake.

On the other hand, when I add interior roller blinds to the simulation the interior surface temperature practically does not change irrespective I include blinds or not.
I would expect the interior surface temperatures when blinds are included to be equivalent to the blinds’ temperature, which should be much higher after absorbing all the radiation.
With interior blinds

Without blinds

As can be observed, the difference is practically nonexistent.
What am I doing wrong? shouldn’t the blind temperature be higher than the adiabatic walls?, since this is exposed to the sun radiation
Interior and exterior Curtain glass (72.0 KB)
Blinds properties


Could somebody point me in the right direction on this?