Interior blinds on generate shades for Honeybee zone windows componnet error

i want to model interior blinds with HB_window shade generator component but after run energy simulation

I’ll attach my file in belowTest (ver2).gh (564.2 KB)

Hi @hamed.sangin, Can you share the full error message from out? On what line this error happen?

dear @mostapha
that is full error message

The input for HBContext should be honeybee context objects and not Breps.

@mostapha hen I connect these " shade brep " as _ shdSurfaces by honeybee EP context surfaces there is no error then, but the problem is the result!

The result doesn’t change either by altering the number of shadings ( blinds ) or angle of them

i thought maybe its because of “honeybee EP context surfaces” just consider exterior shading, but changing interior to exterior still didn’t solve my problem

Hi @hamed.sangin,
Which variable are you tracking in your results?

I can confirm that EnergyPlus ignores detailed shading like that if it’s on the interior of a Zone (it must be exterior to have any effect). If you want to model interior blinds, you shouldn’t use the HB Context component but instead simulate the HBObjswShades that come out of the Shade generator component.

@devang angle of (interior) blinds

@chris the output of HBObjswShades is empty for me

Are your units in meters? There was a bug related to non-meter unit systems and this component that was recently fixed. I’d recommend updating your components.

dear @chris
I checked it
my unite was set to meters and I update HoneyBee and LadyBug
but still, the “HBObjWShades” is empty

Can you upload the last version file you are working on?

hi @AbrahamYezioro
this is last file
Test (ver2).gh (564.2 KB)

You just need to set the writeEPObjs_ input to True:


@AbrahamYezioro thanks a lot :heart_eyes::bouquet:

(a bug or missed information?)
I have a problem in the same context:
when I use a number of shadings that is less than ( 5 ) so I don’t have a closed Brep
whereas when it is more than (5) it works…
Is that a bug in the newest version or I missed something else? (868.6 KB) (1.0 MB)

I simplified the file so that it will be easier if someone has the time to check where is the problem.
thank you in advance (1.0 MB)

it’s a bug and it was in the eldest version too

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