Interior Construction Component and adding total energy?

Hi All,

For some bizzare reason I cannot get the interior construction component working in this workflow. An error comes up in trying to write the idf file, saying ‘int’ object is not iterable (which in looking it up, seems to be a grasshopper coding error).

I am trying to edit the construction for the interior floor/ceiling, and make the internal walls air walls. In trying to just add in a solve adj component and placing air walls as the alt construction, it makes all the internal constructions air walls, as you would expect, only I thought this was removed as a possibility to avoid people accidentally making everything an air wall.

I am also looking for the kwh/m2/year result for energy and heating out of the thermal result - I think I must be adding up the totals wrong here, as the value seems very low (17 kWh/m2??) - my initial thought is perhaps it is adding up the monthly… will explore this further.

Can anyone please have a look and see if there is any work around for the internal constructions to be editable? it doesnt seem to like the component within the workflow.

Thanks, (793.5 KB)

Hi @ElzineBraasch,

You forgot to create EPContruction For Int Floor. You provide EPMaterial instead EPConstruction to intFloorEPConstruction.

Find Attached: Interior Construction Component and adding total (788.1 KB)

Oh woops! Brilliant thank you =D knew there was something I was missing.

I am a bit discouraged by the results for this though - can you see why the energy for cooling/heating is so low? (812.8 KB)

The annual cooling is about 10 kWh/m2, and heating is ~ 8kWh/m2. Given that it is being tested in Sydney, Australia, this seems very wrong to me!

There might not be an issue - but the results are still coming out low =/

At a loss as what is wrong.

Is it perhaps likely there is no issue?

Otherwise… I may need to try do the study in IES-VE to ensure I have the correct results by end weekend.

I think I may have located a factor in my issue regarding low energy - from what i can tell in comparing what grasshopper gives me as output for ‘cooling’ from the ReadEPResult component, it is not providing the total cooling energy for the zone, but rather the total supply air cooling energy for the zone… This number is different to the total cooling energy for the zone itself (~17k kWh air supply cooling vs 27k total cooling). In reading the Input/output reference from E+, the total cooling is sensible + latent, and only when there is no outdoor air supply does the supply air cooling energy = total cooling energy.

Am I perhaps missing some input that is necessary in the workflow in order for the result from ReadEPResult to grab the correct data line? I would assume based on the description for ‘cooling’ that it should be grabbing the result from the total cooling energy column, not the total supply air cooling energy column.


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