Interior Subset not applying to interior surfaces

Hi there,

Trying to run a parametric study by altering the constructions of a house that contains 12 ‘rooms’ (10 rooms in the house + 1 roof space + 1 subfloor). It appears that the model is unable to apply interior constructions to interior surfaces such as interior walls, floors and ceilings (which is an issue as it cannot decipher between the internal wall construction and the external wall construction/is applying external wall constructions to internal walls, however I would like to make the external wall insulation one of my parameters).

Solve adjacencies is working when I visualise by type (see yellow internal walls in rhino on the screenshot), so the issue is not that the model is failing to recognise interior surfaces, only that it is failing to apply interior subsets. Please see screenshot below. If anyone has any suggestions, please reach out! Thanks

Hi @jasminwik ,

There doesn’t seem to be enough info in your post for me to understand what the problem is. It seems like you’ve successfully changed the interior wall construction if it’s anything other than the generic interior wall.

I don’t have any issues changing the interior wall construction on my end: (65.3 KB)

Hey @chris,

Thanks for the response! I managed to figure out my issue. I was labelling faces to see constructions on my model before the solve adjacency component, so it wasn’t correctly labelling constructions! My bad. Thanks again,


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