Interior windows solar heat gains

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I am currently developing a parametric model for a shading and radiation study. I have been able to parameterize the zones with different orientations but I was surprise of not seeing any solar heat gains in the core zone. The interior walls are mean to imitate holes through a interior window with maximum transparency to radiation. Am I missing something? Is it possible to obtain results for Solar Gains Interior Windows like in Design Builder? is it possible to make holes in the interior walls?


Parametric model (574.7 KB)

Hi again,
Is possible to get solar gains interior windows in Honeybee?


i think the problem might be that your u-value for the interior windows is zero - which just means that you are not considering any kind of heat transfer at all. you can apply a really high u-value to it to get the heat gains.

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Hi @hmurya,
I tried that also. But as far as I know, the U-value should not affect the transmitted solar radiation.
Do you know if it is possible to obtain the solar gains interior windows?



I will assume this is not possible to obtain with Honeybee.