Interior windows throwing up Errors for Peak Load Calc

Hi All,

I am attempting to use the peak loads component to analyse what is happening at peak across my zones, instead of the annual energy simulation which is working perfectly fine via OSM.

It appears as though the Peak Loads component does not like, or seem to recognise, the windows created as interior windows? The window surfaces brought up in this error message below to the windows created and assigned to two zones that are surface matched together to create an interior window…

Is this a bug in the component, or is there supposed to be a different method in creating interior windows other than assigning the same window surface to two different zones before ‘solv adj’ them together?

I would add that the model works perfectly fine within openstudio in running an annual simulation…
Unfortunately, I can’t share the file due to confidentiality, and its a very complex large model.

Thanks in advance,

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I am getting the same issue! also with a large model with lots of different window sizes (and hence U-values and construction types) @chris have you got any ideas to why this is happening or a workaround?

(also works fine for me running using OSM component)

Hi Elly,

My fix for this error was to make sure I didn’t have any duplicate material or construction names in each of the materials or constructions using the method below. Seemed to work and now annual load and peak load quick sim’s are working for me - might also work for you!

Also not ‘naming’ the constructions or materials worked as well.

I see 1.4.0:
Ought to try updating to the newest version and seeing if the error persists?

It seems like the models being simulated were not really valid since they contained duplicate identifiers. The HB Validate Model component would confirm this if this actually is the case.