Interior Windows


I created an paramtric script that automatically creates hundreds of buildings for my studies, changing up specific parameters. One parameter is the implementation of buffer zones with windows. I used the solveadjancies component to define the individual adjacencies (overwritten the old ones), which works (window and walls are getting spefied correctly with "interior walls / windows) but i do get an error in my energy simuation with energyplus:

"no solar transmission will result for these windows or doors. You must have interior windows or doors on Interzone surfaces for transmission to result.

** Severe ** FenestrationSurface:Detailed=“F5B84E9F2ED34716BE5D_GLZ_5”, invalid Building Surface Name=“F5B84E9F2ED34716BE5D”.

** ~~~ ** … adiabatic surfaces cannot have windows or doors."

Any ideas?

Hi @BenGottkehaskamp! Based on the error message the boundary condition for the parent wall with this issue is set to adiabatic. It needs to be set to either outdoors or surface.

I will test that tomorrow :slight_smile: by defining them just as surface

The parent walls are now defined as surfaces, and the interior windows have the boundry condition of surface aswell. But i still get the same error message. I am going to upload an example building including the simulation. Maybe you can have a look.

Here is the simplefied .gh file without the automatic geometry generation, just with the internalised geometry of one example building with the given issue. I dont think the issue is the weather data, but I could provide it aswell. It´s a generated weather data (.epw) from Meteonorm from Blonduos (Iceland). I´ve internalized the issue message aswell. (801.9 KB)