Internal air flow - weird results


I am trying to use Butterfly to simulate internal air flow, following the steps outlined in the sample file - but the results look very funny/inaccurate to me.

There are vectors that are super long and pressures that are super small (even negative). The air flow represented by the vectors also doesn’t really make sense - air is not flowing in as per assigned inlets…

Any suggestions…?
02_0_indoor_airflow - (457.0 KB)

Anyone has a solution? advice?


After a few more tries - i think the issue is still there and there does not seem to be snappyHexMesh.err, recounstructParMesh.err, rm.err files created

I am running Rhino as Admin and also installed blueCFD 2017 (which has also been run as Admin to allow for an openFOAM environment).

any suggestions?

Just posting some tests here for update… no solutions yet.

1 - Simple test of a box, results seem correct even though the .err and log files cannot be found.

2 - Test with a more complex geometry (but still quite simple I think!) - the arrows look correct, but not the heatmap (pressure values are too small…) - still cannot find .err and log files…

Not sure what to test next :slight_smile: