Internal and external shades through window shade generator


I have a model that tests several passive strategies on a building to reduce the thermal energy demand. One of these is shading and I would like to include both internal blinds and external louvres. I am using the EP window shade generator but I don’t understand how it works. I have a few questions in regard:

  1. It seems that I can model both internal blinds and external louvres at the same time, but if I write the EPObjs I can’t see the external fins. Why is that? Would they still be included in the simulation?

  2. What do the schedules apply to? Are they applied to both the blinds and the fins or are they only related to the blinds?

  3. Same question for the Internal\External input. Does it apply also to blinds or is it only related to the geometries defined by the inputs below?

  4. Is there a way to test the two shading systems separately, only internal blinds and only external louvres?

Many thanks,

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