Internal apertures

Hello! I have a question about modelling internal windows. I’m trying to do it adding subsurfaces to the Rooms but I get the error message saying subsurfaces can only added to external walls. On the other side, the HB Faces By Type component allows to check internal apertures - so I’m sure there’s a way that I can’t figure out. Any hint?

You have to add the Apertures to the parent Rooms before you solve adjacencies. This allows Honeybee to verify that the interior apertures of neighboring Rooms are suitable to be adjacent to one another (eg. one interior window geometry is not larger than the other). I know that this might not be obvious but it will become second nature once you get the hang of it.

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Makes total sense, thanks Chris!

Hi Chris,
I am having a similar issue. I followed what you said, it still wont recognize internal apertures or internal walls.

Attaching my GH file and model (this is a DSF related model hence the plenum in front)

Im sure I am missing something very minor, but I can’t seem to figure out what