Internal source constructions in 1.x?

Hello! Is there currently a means of applying internal source to constructions in the 1.2x bugs? or is that currently a legacy only ability? from some exploring it appears to be the latter but; just wanted to check!
Thank you!

Do you mean InternalMass? If so, there is one in LBT, recently released. You need to update with the versioner. You can find it on the HBEnergy tab, BasicProperties group.

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Ah nice!
I’m looking for
I’ve done it with legacy,
(ss from Chris’s example in hydra)

I’ve looked through the code for 1.2 and was not seeing an ‘in’ to do the same. About to see if I can do it in 1.2 with Ironbug; or will revert back to legacy for this particular thing in this particular project.

Ironbug definitely is accomplishing the task at hand.
Thanks again @MingboPeng

Ironbug is definitely the best route for now and we’ll likely add support for radiant systems and corresponding constructions into the HBJSON in the near future.

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Hi @TrevorFedyna

Here an earlier discussion, on this subject.


Awesome, thank you! that’s definitely some good gouge.