Interpretation of radiation results

Hi all,

I performed the radiation simulation and would like to understand the meaning of it.

  1. What does the number (circled in red) means?
  2. The upper part is the results for “testpts”, while the bottom part is “radiationresult”. Is the nth number of “testpts” corresponds to the nth number of “radiationresult”?
  3. How to align the numbers in one column when I export the results to excel file.

Thanks a lot.

  1. That number indicates paths in branches of the data tree.
    Learn more about Grasshopper data trees here:

  2. Without seeing the rest of the definition, that’s hard to say for sure. But I would assume that they correspond, yes.

  3. How do you export to Excel? There are native Grasshopper components that will let you weave data items from different sets. You can read more about that in the link provided under (1).

Thanks @wim for answering my questions. For (3), I use bumblebee for exporting data, do you have other plugins that you recommend?

No, BumbleBee is what I use as well…