Intersect Mass II missing

When upgrading to the latest version of Honeybee and Ironbug, the IntersectMassII component is missing in Rhino 5 (although it seems to appear fine in Rhino 6) and I get the following error whenever I open a script where it was used:
I think IntersectMassII was part of Ironbug despite showing up in the HB folder, definitely seems to be another amazing Mingbo creation. Let me know if I am missing something.

Hi @Elliot_Glassman, I guess you just recently update the Ironbug on your machine? A couple of components has been moved to Honeybee. If you update the legacy LB/HB, you should be able to find it again. If not, what version of Honeybee you are using?

Hi Mingbo.

I am using v0.066 of Honeybee and the latest version of Ironbug. I thought I had updated the legacy LB/HB .gha file, but I can try again.

Synced with GIT hub but same thing:

Is it just that the component does not work with Rhino 5? It seems to be fine in Rhino 6

Oh, right. I rebuild it with Rhino 6’s SDK. Do you need it in Rhino5?

I rebuild it with Rhino 5. You can use this for both Rhino 5 and 6.
Ironbug.LBHB_Legacy.gha (64.5 KB)

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would this rebuilt file work for Rhino 6 installs below v6.27 (i.e., i have v6.26)?

@josh.greenfield Yes, it should be working with any version of Rhino 6

@MingboPeng this is happening with Rhino 7 as well. Can you please suggest a remedy? Thanks!

Hello this still happens in Rhino 7…
The split2floors is not working for me also probably because of this?

FYI, the development version of the LBT plugin now has an intersect mass component that uses the same methods as “Intersect Mass II” but will run in roughly half of the time.