Intersect Masses Error, Rhino 5 vs. Rhino 6


Dear Forum,

I have faced couple of strange issues recently:

  1. In Rhino 5, as you see in below picture, when I use the intersect masses of HB itself, It creates a severe error… but when I use the one that @mostapha wrote it, it works fine…

  1. In Rhino 6, the same file gives an error after intersection when I convert zones to Hbzones…

I have installed Ironpython 2.7.9 and my Rhino 6 version is “6 SR10
(6.10.18242.16581, 08/30/2018)” …

Can anyone check the file and verify if you can reproduce the error?

Amir (1.0 MB)


I took a look. Fails at my end also. I tried boolean union in rhino and that failed also. So there must be some tiney gap between breps.

When this happens, my strategy is to start connecting a few groups of breps to the massintersection component and do this until I find the faulty brep.


Thanks @devang for your checking… Even if there is a gap, it should be fixed by increasing the tolerance … I have faced similar issues (gaps between breps) but none of them gave me a severe error … At most those faulty breps were converted to ‘open breps’ instead of ‘closed breps’…

this works for me …


Any other thoughts on this issue?