Interzone Surface Areas mismatch problem

Hi guys, I’m using honeybee to perform an energy simulation. But I’ve got problem with ‘interzone surface areas-mismatch’. I’ve tried several times to redraw it and simplify my model but the problem keep showing. I have no idea either about which exact surface cause this problem or how to solve this. Can anyone kindly let me know how to find the problem surfaces? (929.4 KB)

Hi @Darvey,

You have to use the intersect mass component befor creating zones. (925.5 KB)

A more simple approuch you can find in the example below.
example.3dm (40.6 KB) (558.3 KB)

hi pan
i think move epw and stat files to drive c
and reinstall honeybee and ladybug plugins

Hi, @Erikbeeren Thanks for your suggestion. I’ve tried the method and the problem solved. Thanks again.

Hi @hakan
Sorry for late reply, I’ve tried @Erikbeeren 's method and the problem solved. Thanks for your suggestion as well. All the best.

@Erikbeeren the interesting thing is when I tried the method on another model, the error of surface area mismatch pop up again. I’ve attached this model could you kindly have a look please? (723.1 KB)

Hi, @Darvey,

The grasshopper script is ok. It is more your geometrie wich is inaccurate.
See image below.


I usualy make blocks of every floor and import them with the Human plug in. In that way I have a better controle over the geometry.
In the example below you will find a simple model.basic template.3dm (47.7 KB) basic (576.8 KB)

Hi, @Erikbeeren
I’ve tried to delete the problem geometries and it works indeed. Thanks a lot for helping. The example files you uploaded are very help as well. Many thanks for sharing.