InterZone Surface Areas

Hi! I’m trying to solve some mystery going on in my simulation. Doing so I’ve started making my case more and more simple until there were no more to simplify yet the issue still exists and I have no idea why. The problem is with this warning:

** Warning ** GetSurfaceData: InterZone Surface Areas do not match as expected and might not satisfy conservation of energy:
** ~~~ ** …use Output:Diagnostics,DisplayExtraWarnings; to show more details on individual mismatches.

I’m really curious what might be the problem because my “scene” is really simple - just two masses sharing a wall. Any ideas what I could be doing wrong?

Did you check to see if intersect mass has intersected the surface correctly? I suspect the larger surface is not splitted into two surfaces.

I’ve checked the model and, as you suspected, there’s no intersection. What to do then? Is there a way to force IntersectMasses to create such?

@Avik, you can split the surface manually (i.e with Rhino). You can also try this alternative intersect mass component I made, which uses the OpenStudio SDK to split surfaces, which in my experience is a bit more robust: Masses intersections issues