IronBug Error Optional Not Initialized


I am trying to run a model using the VAV w Reheat template system but I continue to get the error Optional Not Initialized from the Save File component. I am working with Ironbug version 1.0 and OpenStudio version 3.1. @MingboPeng do you know why this is happening?

Hi @ELeriche, without looking your file, it is hard to guess what went wrong. Could you please simplify your model and upload your gh file here for me to check?

Hi @MingboPeng ,

Sorry for the late reply, attached is my grasshopper file and Rhino file. Troubleshooting Geometry.3dm (67.4 KB) (237.0 KB)

Hi @ELeriche,

When I opened your model I got a different error to yours (In IronBug thermal zone - HBZones it says no valid zones).

If your still stuck you could try going through the recommendations on this page: Ladybug Tools Forum Guidelines