IronBug - HeatPump issue with multiple loops

Hello -

I am modeling a single family detached house that given the shape, I modeled using three breps to conform the whole thermal zone.
I am using the HB Solve Adjacency to create the whole volume. This single family home is a single thermal zone, and I am using the IronBug All electric heatpump.

The question is how can I make sure that the Heatpump is working as it would in real life. I am concerned that the results are not right because it is using three zones and three diffusers because of the way it is modeled.

This is what I see when I open the osm from IB in OS:
In real life, this should look like this:

I am attaching hbjason and a summary of the model in case you need it.

So my question is: is there any way to make sure that Ironbug is mixing the air of all the zones and assuming this is one big zone? Are the results correct and close to real life conditions? do I need to add a component that tells IB to mix air?

I have 5 other homes that have the same issue, some of them have multiple breps, so I really would like to know if the results from Ironbug are reliable in these cases.

Thanks in advance,

CLZ_2_A-WRD-Wood_Frame_adjusted_CLZ_1_2.hbjson (94.9 KB)
2023.0620 - Ironbug (95.2 KB)

Hi @Yure,

I have one question for you, do you have the model in OpenStudio (or any other energy software) that could produce the results that you want? If yes, I can help you with your Ironbug questions and ensure it generates the same OpenStudio model you prototyped.