Ironbug HVACTemplate_sys13

Manage to test HVAC system 13 RadiantCeiling and DOAS with a single zone model. Always receive the error message as follows. Please help (note the script has been tested working for some template systems, such as sys02 PTHP, sys16 VRF+DOAS).

@MingboPeng please help. I am having same error even after adding component names.

Thanks @Aayushi @CheneyChen for reporting. I will check this issue in a few hours and keep you posted.

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Hi @CheneyChen @Aayushi,

I am able to recreate this issue when I use a room that has no “INTERNAL SOURCE” construction applied correctly. So after you applied the construction for “INTERNAL SOURCE”, you have to use the new rooms for creating an HBModel.

You can also use this sample file that I have a room added to the system.
Note: document is set to Meter.
20230502_Room with Radiant (77.7 KB)

Thank you for responding, @MingboPeng. I could use your script without any errors. But, I am facing the same error again when I try to specify the ‘Radiant Surface Type’ to be Floors instead of Ceilings. I tried making this change along with changing the Internal Source Component (exterior floor instead of exterior roof), and without changing Internal Source Component. In both trials, it shows the same previous error. Also, this building has only radiant Heating and no cooling system. I was planning to model this by changing the High Air Temperature to 100 or some very high number so that cooling never kick off in the simulation. I am not able to attach GH file or a screenshot as a new user on this platform. Can you please help to solve this? Thank you very much in advance!

Hi @Aayushi, I suspect that the construction wasn’t set correctly. I would suggest you visualize the constructions for each face so that you can see if everything is set correctly.

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