Ironbug Installation

Hello, I am trying to install ironbug. I already had it but suddenly when I was adding missing honeybee components, it is gone. Can you help me? When I trying to install again new version of Ironbug 1.9.8, first I’m unblocking and then I extract the zip file. After that, when I open installation file (Ironbug.Grasshopper.gha) it is warning me like ‘File type not supported by Rhinoceros’ . I am also adding warning image. Thank you from now.

Hi @yaseminklcoglu,

I would suggest you use the free Pollination Grasshopper plugin’s installer which installs both LBT and Ironbug components.

Hi again,
Thank you for answer. However now my all plugins are gone.

Hi -

I’m not sure what you mean by that. I can see a Pufferfish and a Pollination tab in your image.