Ironbug single click installer for mac

Hi @MingboPeng. As I have been working both in mac and PC now, I wanted to ask if there is a possiblity of installing Ironbug on mac through a One click Installer?

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@Asisnath I thought Ironbug is Windows-only…

I’m sure @MingboPeng will speak to this eventually but Ironbug has historically been Windows-only because it relies on OpenStudio’s .NET bindings and .NET is made by Microsoft.

Granted, I think Mingbo has found a suitable way to run OpenStudio’s .NET bindings on unix-based systems like Mac but I’m not sure if he’s tested Ironbug specifically on Mac. Also, I know it will be some time before there’s a single-click Mac installer for Ironbug since we don’t yet have a single-click Mac installer for Ladybug Tools. Maybe after we figure out a Ladybug Tools installer, Mingbo can see if he can put one together for Ironbug.

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