Ironbug VAV and Radiant setpoint temperature schedule (heating/cooling)- Thermal comfort

I used Ironbug to build detailed VAV and radiant floor systems, incorporating heating and cooling modes. I compared the two systems based on EUI, heating and cooling loads, and thermal comfort. I have a couple of questions:

  1. I created all schedules for a VAV system, including heating and cooling setpoints in the HB Program Type, connected them to the HB Room, and then added the HVAC system. I did not add the setpoint schedule directly in Ironbug. I provided a system availability schedule for Ironbug. Does this configuration work correctly, or must I add the setpoint schedule directly in Ironbug? If so, what is the best approach?
  2. My second question is about thermal comfort. I believe the Honeybee PMV model doesn’t work well with conditioned space, and the results are unreliable. Do you have any suggestions on calculating thermal comfort after applying the HVAC system?
    I appreciate your help.