IronBug Water Heater Mixed System Details?

I am wondering if there is a way to assign “Ambient Temperature Thermal Zone Name” for the IB Water Heater Mixed object. This input parameter is available in OpenStudio as per shown below. Many of the input parameters are available but this one is missing in IB. Without the ambient temperature thermal zone assigned, HB Run OSM component gives off the 1. ** Severe ** WaterHeater:Mixed = SHWSYS1 WATER HEATER: Ambient Temperature Zone not found = " error

Separately, I noticed OS:WaterHeater:Sizing doesn’t seem to have its own IB component. Is there a way to model that in IB?

Many thanks!

Just out of curiosity. What are you connecting the water heater to?

Hi @zwang,

Thanks for reporting these two issues. I am updating the IB with the new version of OpenStudio 3.5. I will include these features in the new version.

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Thank you @MingboPeng for getting back to me! Do you have a rough timeline when the new version will be released? Many thanks!

Hi @zwang,

A new version of Ironbug has been released. It includes the new WaterHeaterMixed and WaterHeaterSizing components.

You can download the newest Pollination installer to install it.


Worked out great! Thank you!