Ironbug won't install

Hi all, I am having trouble installing ironbug. I ran the pollination one click installer (I checked the box) but the components didn’t show up in grasshopper.

Then I ran the IronbugInstaller-1.8.0.exe and it still didn’t show up.

Next I uninstalled both and tried again – no luck.

Also downloaded, unzippped it, ran Ironbug.Console.exe, still didn’t work.

What should I try next? @MingboPeng Thanks so much

Does anything look wrong?

Hi @ska, when you use the Pollination installer, do you get all LBT components loaded correctly into GH? If everything else works correctly, you can simply drag the ''Ironbug.Grasshopper.gha" file to the Grasshopper canvas to fix your issue.

Hi Mingbo, I used to have the LBT components but I uninstalled them but now I can’t get them to show up again. Your solution didn’t work. Only the pollination components are showing.

Not sure what else to try. I even uninstalled Rhino.

  • update, I was using the one click pollination installer. when I tried the lbt installer from food4rhino it worked. now I still don’t have iron bug

It worked by not using t he pollination one-click instller but instead running the ironbug uninstall .exe and then IronbugInstaller-1.8.2.exe from github

@MingboPeng I am having trouble getting Ironbug to find the OSS install. LBT and Grasshopper appears to be installed in AppData/Roaming/Grasshopper. I cannot remember the last time I used the installer, so I do not know how that happened. I believe my OpenStudio install is standing alone in users>username>OpenStudio. It is not in the same directory as LBT, which is what Ironbug seems to think should happen. Can I point Ironbug at the OpenStudio directory somehow?

I do not, for instance, have a directory for grasshopper in username>ladybug_tools>grasshopper. No such folder named grasshopper exists there. I do have a ‘python’ and ‘resources’ folder in the ladybug_tools directory.

Nevermind. I scrolled down and read the directions on GitHub. I decided to install Pollination as you suggested and Ironbug works fine.