IronPython Error

I am trying to run an optimization from Grasshopper to an external software called modeFRONTIER, but I am having this error message every time I try to run my optimization.
Does anyone know what it can be related to?

Thank you

This does not seem like a Ladybug Tools issue. You should ideally post on the Rhino forum. @wim, any thoughts?

The thing is that when I open my file without the original Rhino file, openstudio doesn’t run a open up the following error message :slight_smile:

“1. Solution exception:C:\Users\jenkins\git\OpenStudio\openstudiocore\src\model\PlanarSurface.cpp@656 : Cannot create a surface with vertices [[0.188991, 0.164065, 0.0259], [0.188991, 0.164065, 0.0231], [0.188991, 0.16634, 0.0231], [0.188991, 0.16634, 0.0259]]”

I have internalized my data and all geometries already. But if I open the grasshopper file with its original rhino file everything works perfectly, which is due to a unit problem as I am working in meters but without the rhino file where units are set to meters, grasshopper goes back to millimeters.

I dont know if this is related to that issue and how can it be solved.

Thank you

Hi,@steph_mo Grasshopper does not have the setting of Unit.Grasshopper used the Units for Rhino.