Irradiance X Solar geometry X Building surface

Hello everyone!

My name is Kyane Bomfim. I am an architect and master student at the PPG-AU of the University Federal of Bahia - UFBA.

My master’s thesis is about the photovoltaic system with emphasis on integrating them into the facades of buildings, seeking an optimization between the aesthetics of forms and energy efficiency.

And I have a question.

Through the GenCumulativeSky component RADIANCE runs gendaymtx and with this output can go to several components, including Radiation. But how does this result involve the value obtained and the geometry to be studied? For example a sloping surface, in the case of the facade of a building.

There are some model references Tregenza, Perez, etc. But I would like to understand how you have merged the information.

The test points that are generated from base geometries include the data for the direction of the surface. The information for each sensor is: location.x, location.y, location.z, direction.x, direction.y, direction.z