Irregular Solar Radition Mesh

Hi community,

I’m running a solar radiation analysis and I noticed the generated radiation mesh is irregular and points do not belong to the same plane. The input geometry are flat window surfaces. The problem is affecting the radiation numeric results and colours visualisation. As points do not lie on the same line, those who are behind the window are returning 0 value. Please note, If I make the “distance from base” larger, I can only part of the issue and definetely I would prefer to fix the mesh.

Any help is much appreciated!


If you use the Radiation study in the LBT plugin, you should be able to set the offest distance (even when the input is a mesh) and this should solve your issue.

Hi Chris,
many thanks for your prompt reply. I agree with you, but, in as much as I move away from the window plane, my results will be higher because points will be less shaded by the sourrounding elements such as the window’s frame and lateral spandrels. Is there a way to fix the mesh instead to increase the offset? Any suggestions about this? Thanks Again, Matrame.

Moving the points by a centimeter isn’t going to change the results in any significant way.